What is your opinion about Vue vs React in 2018?

这是 Aaron Martin-Colby 在Quora上的回答:


From an application perspective, React is still the absolute 800lb gorilla in the industry. I see no reason at all to use Vue over React unless you truly despise JSX. And even then, if you despise JSX, use Angular instead. As I have said time and again, the actual quality of the framework is unimportant. What matters is how easily problems can be solved, how large the developer population is, and how thus how easily a project can be staffed.

Furthermore, if you are interested in a more obscure framework for your work, I don’t think that Vue is different enough. I would rather work in Elm or Purescript if I’m dedicating myself to something esoteric.

All that said, if you are interested in a tool to bolt onto your otherwise static HTML pages, just as you would have used AngularJS or JQuery, then Vue can be a decent choice. Of the popular frameworks right now, Vue is the only one that is easily added to existing HTML. Wheth

er you would rather use it over JQuery is up to you. For my part, adding simple functionality to HTML is best done in vanilla JS.

I just read over what I wrote and I come off sounding like a Vue hater. I’m very much not! I love competition. I’m ecstatic that a 3rd toolset has garnered so much attention and energy. Simply having Google and Facebook fighting over web app dominance isn’t a healthy place to be. I want Vue to continue to grow, and I fully expect it to. Indeed, by the time 2019 rolls around, I suspect that my answer to this question will be different.